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The Lord's heart is burning for Europe
Our hearts are burdened for the lost souls of every nation in Europe
  1. Events & Crusades
    We believe that Europe in this season is in great need of large scale crusades and events as of old, where people can hear the Gospel, receive Jesus Christ and be saved. For too long there has been silence in the streets and the Christian faith has only been practiced within the 4 walls of church buildings. It is time to disturb the normal.
  2. Churchplanting
    We believe it is necessary for every believer to have a place of fellowship with other believers. With our Church planting program we help them to establish such a place where there is none and we train leaders to shepherd these new communities. We follow the principle which says that new wine should not be poured into old wineskins.
  3. Street Evangelism
    In combination with large scale events, every city in every nation of Europe needs fearless street evangelists that preach the Gospel and reveal Christ with signs & wonders as they operate in the raw power of the Holy Spirit to bring healing and deliverance to the oppressed. We go out as light that shines in the darkness.
  4. Discipleship
    All that give there life to Jesus must have the chance to be followed up and discipled whether in small groups or even 1 to 1 when possible. We need people who have the skills to lead and disciple others, to step up and start their ministry in the Kingdom of God.
  5. Unity in the Body
    We strongly believe in the need of unity of the entire Body of Christ if we want to be effective in winning the lost souls for Jesus. We pray daily that all children of God may have the mind of Christ, that they all will walk in the Spirit of Christ and that we will all move as the Body of Christ, each with our specific spiritual gifts and moving as one to see Harvest of Nations
  6. Equipping Churches
    Europe has entered the season of revival and the great Harvest is ripe. We train new believers and established Churches to bring in the Lord's harvest of souls. We help you to preach the Gospel fearlessly outside the church building and help you to understand & use the gifts of the Holy Spirit which God has given you when you became Born again.
  7. Become a partner
    Do you wish to partner with us as a minister or ministry, or do you want to partner with us to help organize events to win souls and/or equip the Saints in your city or country? Or maybe God puts it on your heart to be a covenant partner with this ministry? Contact us today to see if the Lord will lead us to work together to see the nations of Europe saved. If God puts it on your heart to be a finacial partner with
  8. Support our ministry
    Our ministry depends on the Lord's provision and the generosity of the Body of Christ. You can help us to carry out our vision & mission, by sowing into the ministry or by becoming a Covenant Partner with us
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